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SSC has been working with various types of companies in different markets but they have generally fitted into four market areas. Utilities, Highways, Petrol Forecourts and Factories.

SSC started its business by developing a composite panel for the major utility company in New York, ConEdison.

Currently SSC are working with a number of UK utility companies to supply light weight composite access covers across their networks. This is happening to improve health and safety risks of their workers and contractors which have been associated with moving the traditional heavy steel, concrete and ductile covers.

SSC is now developing the “smart cover” which will have a chip embedded in a cover which can transmit data automatically to change the way utility companies can manage their assets in ground. From Utilities we have progressed into roads and highways with our range of D400 covers. Infrastructure and highway contractors are now seeing the benefits of fitting light weight covers which are improving efficiencies on installs and again reducing the risk of back injury to their workers.

Petrol Forecourts was the market where the use of composite covers started around 25 years ago. Composite covers were invented to reduce the high levels of back injuries associated with tanker drivers delivering fuel to petrol forecourts. Because the traditional metal covers were so heavy it was a regular occurance to have drivers off work due to back injury. SSC has now developed a new range of products which are lighter and can be made watertight.

The fourth area where we are seeing a greater use of composite manhole covers is in factories. Again one of the main drivers is weight but also the fact that covers can be colour coded to allow easy identification of drains and risk areas. A number of the major food factories have now converted to SSC covers to help improve their management of their drainage systems clearly identify, high, medium and low risk contamination due to bacteria. Take a look at your specific market, if you have a specific need please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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