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Safe ventable covers

Vented composite covers, from Structural Science have been tested and approved and have demonstrated they are instrumental with regard to reducing the risk of pressure build up from gasses and fumes underground.

The result of pressure build up can be catastrophic. The effect can vary from the cover flipping over causing danger to motorists and pedestrians alike to being launched several feet in the air with disastrous consequences. The number of manhole covers exploding has dramatically increased in recent years according to new figures released by Health and Safety Executives.

Ventable composite covers have been designed to incorporate the use of holes , these conform to ADA regulations and are moulded into the structure. This reduces the build-up of gasses/fumes under the cover allowing gasses to escape venting the system. This reduces the risk of any possible event taking place, and the more vented composite covers that are fitted within a system will improve the venting performance.

SSC have already installed covers and frames with major power companies in both London and New York which are proving very successful.

Ventable composite covers are also used in the water industry to help reduce pressure build up under a cover. The use of a ventable cover will allow water to escape through the vents, reducing the pressure and helping to avoid the cover becoming dislodged.

The combination of water and electricity proved to have catastrophic results after record rainfall recently. Experts believe the combination of defective underground cables and the rainfall created power surges causing fireballs. The pressure build-up caused by the fireballs beneath the surface causing the unvented manhole covers to blow without any warning.

By installing ventable composite covers the pressure is able to escape preventing the dangerous build up.

Drawing on over 20 years knowledge in composite cover manufacture, Structural Science is a leader in designing and supplying composite manhole cover solutions for underground access, we believe that we provide the best products currently available on the market.

Contact us today for the peace of mind and knowledge you will benefit from the combination of the assurance of long life and quality of manufacture.

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