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Quality composite manholes

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High quality composite manholes

Light, durable and anti slip

Composite manholes, manhole covers, manchesterOur high quality composite manholes are well known for their durability, reliability and their lightweight and anti slip properties which make them stand out from a traditional metal manhole cover.

The properties of the composite materials enables our products to be fitted into demanding locations to meet the requirements for installing in road, petrol forecourts, pedestrian and industrial areas.

Our composite manholes have a minimum co-efficient of friction of 0.7 – Current Health & Safety specifications stipulate any material of less than 0.40 is unsuitable for use in public areas. Therefore our covers have a better top surface material for use in wet and dry or in a worn state than any other commercially used material.

Composite manholes from SSC can be supplied with a lock, made watertight, and can have a dip cap in the centre if necessary. They are resistant to all fuels on a petrol forecourt or road and due to their light weight reduce the risk of back injury when you have to move them.

Companies are becoming more aware of the need to identify location or products underneath manhole covers. By using coloured composite manholes covers it clearly helps and aids personnel in conducting inspections.

In a number of food factories for example it has been particularly successful to identity areas of high risk and low risk for cleaning purposes.

We have a firm commitment to developing products which are environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is a low energy consumer as our product is manufactured using a chemical exothermic reaction.

If you are looking for reliable high quality anti skid covers look no further. Contact us today.

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