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Con Edison – New York

Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEdison) asked SSC if we would be able to design and manufacture a composite solution to the danger of potential electrocution of New York residents, and to prevent their panels from leaving the ground due to ignition of underground gases building up under solid panels.

SSC developed a vented composite panel solution that could be installed in series to cover electrical service pits (see photo below).

coned1 coned2

Fig: (left) S Panels in situ as developed for ConEdison specification
(right) S Panels (back) next to ConEdison steel panels (front)

SSC S Panel (shown above) is 1370mm x 605mmwith a load bearing requirement above 380k US Tested,supported at each end, and includes 750 vent holes and a weight of 73.8kg.


These panels were designed to only require support at each end, but are still capable of supporting a load in excess of 380kN to the US standard.

To date, SSC has supplied 1,000 units which have been installed in the streets of New York with zero defects. The composite S Panel can be installed side by side in unlimited numbers, each panel only requiring support at each end.

The S Panel design underwent an extensive testing regime by ConEdison prior to order placement. Tests carried out were fatigue testing, explosion testing, wear testing, and burn testing. All test results exceeded requirements.

All tests by an independent US test house confirmed that the cover met ConEdison’s specification.

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