Antiskid manhole covers

Antiskid manhole covers, antislip covers, manchesterAntiskid manhole covers

Advanced surface grip

Traditional steel/concrete/combination manhole covers have proved to become slippery both when wet and dry, and overtime become worn, damaged and unsafe. With the advent of composite antiskid manhole covers we can say goodbye to these negative qualities.

Health & Safety organisations consider any material with a co-efficient of friction of less than 0.40 as not being suitable for use in public areas while Engineers are stipulating Antiskid manhole covers are constructed from materials with a co-efficient of friction of 0.50.

A non-slip manhole cover from SSC has a value of not less than 0.7 and will retain this anti-slip value throughout its working life, therefore our state of the art antiskid manhole covers comfortable exceed the minimum recommended level.

The top surface material consists of a multi direction pattern which aids the non slip qualities and we offer the option of the clients logo to be added to the cover.

With a better slip-resistance value in dry, wet or a worn state than any other commercially used material, demonstrated by our C250 and D400 range of products, Anti slip manhole covers from Structural Science far exceeds the recommended value Health & Safety institutes recommend.

If you are looking for reliable high quality anti skid covers look no further.

B125 slip test

D400 slip test

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