New water resistant manhole covers for petrol forecourts launched.

Petrol ForecourtWe have continued to develop our range of manhole covers for petrol forecourts with the new water resistant seal which is fitted to the key housing mechanism.

This has been designed to even further improve the watertight capabilities of our C250 range of products for forecourts. The seal is a back-stop facility preventing ingress of water, if the plug seal has been mislaid or lost.

Operators in forecourts are busy people and on the odd occasion that they may misplace or lose the watertight plug, the key housing seal reduces the risk of any water entering through the key housing as an extra safety feature.

forecourt seal 1 forecourt seal 2 forecourt seal 3

Structural Science Composites remain committed to further develop their range of covers with the help of their customers and operators.

For further information please contact us today.

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