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New water resistant manhole covers for petrol forecourts launched.

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Petrol ForecourtWe have continued to develop our range of manhole covers for petrol forecourts with the new water resistant seal which is fitted to the key housing mechanism.

This has been designed to even further improve the watertight capabilities of our C250 range of products for forecourts. The seal is a back-stop facility preventing ingress of water, if the plug seal has been mislaid or lost.

Operators in forecourts are busy people and on the odd occasion that they may misplace or lose the watertight plug, the key housing seal reduces the risk of any water entering through the key housing as an extra safety feature.

forecourt seal 1 forecourt seal 2 forecourt seal 3


See the new SSC flood cover in action

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Our latest product addition, the new flood cover is generating significant interest from the water companies.

The reason for this is that traditional metal and concrete covers use split covers in floods. These rise in the flood, but can lodge in position which means the hole is half open and there is a risk a vehicle will run directly into the cover once the water recedes, or a pedestrian could fall into the void.

Our new innovative design ensures the hole/chamber remains covered at all times. When the flood water pressure increases the cover automatically ‘pops up’ by a maximum of 30 mm, but remains in position over the chamber. Once the water recedes, the cover drops back into the frame, eliminating the risk of a vehicle running into a raised manhole.

The flood cover can be seen in action at our new YouTube channel with a video that demonstrates just how effective it can be in dealing with flood situations.


Pedestrians warned about ‘exploding manhole covers’ after record rains.

Monday, August 10th, 2015

London Fire Brigade has warned that at least one manhole cover a week is exploding without any warning, leading to fears for the safety of unsuspecting pedestrians.

Experts believe that last winter’s record flooding, together with defective underground cables are to blame.

The number of manhole covers exploding has dramatically increased according to new figures released by the Health and Safety Executive.

Experts believe the fireballs are caused by power surges in underground electric junction boxes which could have been damaged by last winter’s record rainfall.


BAE systems choose our manhole cover

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

BM8080-Vented-Cover-&-FrameWe have been successful in winning work on the new extension to BAE Systems development programme in their home town of Barrow in Furness.

Structural Science Composites will supply their multi double BM8080 frame which contains 2 composite covers at 800 x 800mm, giving a clear opening of 1600 x 800mm, to allow easy access to chambers underground.

These covers are tested to the EN124:1994 standard, which allows a loading of 12.5 tonnes to the B125 standard. They will be supplied over the coming months.

For further information please contact us today.

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