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Manhole cover expodes 130 feet in air

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Once again in the media we see an exploding manhole cover, this time live on American TV.

It will not be long before this kind of occurrence actually kills somebody. It happens all around the world, yet we continue to fit the same products back into location without a thought of what we are doing, because we have always fitted metal manhole covers.

The problem happens because of two main factors. Gas build up under solid manhole covers which are or can be combustible, and electrical faults underground within our electrical supply systems.


Health and safety key driver for lightweight covers

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Lightweight composite covers, ManchesterHealth & Safety is a key concern to all companies and a major driver to constantly improve and look after workers welfare.

Manhole covers have always been an area of concern and the first industry to introduce lightweight composite covers was the petrol forecourts.

The reason for this was that the tanker delivery drivers would arrive with replacement fuel and they would have to lift heavy metal covers by themselves. Many drivers damaged their backs due to the weight and lifting method.

SSC’s Technical Director designed the first lightweight composite cover and frame back in 1983 for one of the major forecourt companies to reduce the risk of back injury to its delivery drivers. In fact that was the start of new industry. Since then hundreds of thousands have been supplied into the petrol forecourts and now composite covers and frames are the product of choice over heavy metal covers.


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