Worldwide sales build on increased demand for lightweight solutions

SSC have been successful in winning business across the world, because of the benefits of fitting lightweight composite covers which can be locked, sealed and have an anti-slip surface.

More and more countries are becoming aware of the inherent benefits of fitting lightweight covers and especially when fitting the covers by installers. They are easier to handle when installing which generally improves the installations and makes it easier for inspections at a later date as it only requires one person to remove or replace a cover into the frame.

SSC have designed 2 types of lifting handles which allows the safe and easy removal of a cover from a frame. One can be used on unsealed covers and the other is called a seal breaker. The seal breaker has a foot pedal which rests on the floor and can be stepped on to break the seal, which allows the cover to be removed without putting pressure on the operator back.

This has reduced the number of back injuries for the operators and is one of the major factors why utility and petrol forecourt companies around the world install our covers.

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Meet up at APEA 2017

Apea 2017SSC Ltd are once again exhibiting at the APEA 2017 show in Milton Keynes on November 23rd..

This is the third year in a row that we have displayed their lightweight composite forecourt covers.

It is a great place to see everyone in the Petrol Forecourt industry again and for us to meet potential new users and demonstrate our expertise in this market. Come along and discuss the range of petrol forecourt covers and see our new designs.

See us on Stand A23.

DS6 flood cover performance enhanced.

We are continually developing new covers and improving the performance of their range.

Recently we have concluded further trials with their new DS6 flood cover.

Working with a specialist company, Point Engineering based in Hull, who test marine doors for ships, a specific test rig was designed which would replicate a flood surge. We have designed a unique system, attached to the composite frame, which allows the cover to move within the frame. This allows the release of pressure and water but maintains the cover within the confines of the frame.

SSC’s D400 DS6 – 600 x 600mm clear opening composite cover and frame was tested in increments of 0.5 Bar and actually was tested without failure up to 2.20 Bar. See the slomotion video below.

If you would like more information please contact us now.

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How do we do that?

You have probably seen the recent programmes on TV showing how something is manufactured or constructed, at Structural Science we have done the same.

Take some time, only 2 minutes –  to look at our informative video of how to make a composite, anti-slip, lightweight cover.

These covers are used in pavements, petrol forecourts, factories and utility companies.

They can be made in different colours, can be made watertight, have locks fitted and look great when they are fitted.

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Increased demand from petrol forecourt applications

petrol stationStructural Science work with Petrol forecourts continues to grow with major retail oil companies choosing to fit SSC’s lightweight manhole covers.

The demanding requirements of forecourt covers which now have to be watertight and tested to EN124 standards, has brought renewed interest in our composite covers.

The main advantage of these strong yet lightweight covers is that Structural Science has designed a lifting handle which reduces any strain on the forecourt attendant’s back when a cover has to be removed. This reduces the chance of any personal injury, which eliminates time off work or any claims for injury.

SSC’s forecourt covers also can have a dip cap hole in the centre which allows for easy and quick inspection by forecourt operators.

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What’s under your feet?

Composite ventable covers, Vented cover, Manhole coversHave you ever thought to look down while you are walking in busy city centres especially in London?

Structural Science are constantly looking of ways to improve the ground we walk on. For years and years manhole covers have either been made from iron or metal and concrete. These covers do nothing for the appearance of the paths and walkways and in fact can be a trip or slip hazard.

SSC has taken on the mantle of improving and developing pedestrian covers and is a leading supplier of lightweight composite manhole covers.

SSC covers have a number of benefits over the traditional iron and concrete covers. The biggest advantage for a person walking in the street is that the covers have an aggregate material which is embedded into the surface, this make the surface of the covers anti-slip wet or dry.

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Pressure release mechanism brochure released

flood brochure coverSSC has just released their new brochure on the Pressure Release Mechanism.

This cover is undergoing live testing with United Utilities to see how it performs in a flood problem area. There is also significant interest from a European water company.

SSC have been working on the design for over 12 months now which allows the escape of air pressure or water in heavy rain/flood conditions. The cover remains locked at all times but is spring loaded.

If pressure builds beneath the cover then it automatically releases but the cover remains within the frame. If a vehicle wheel runs over the cover it is designed to lock back down in position. This will also happen if a person stands on the cover.

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New installation guide

installation guideWe have recently updated our installation guide to help contractors and installers ensure they are using the best guidelines for installing the range of SSC’s anti-slip covers and frames.

The guide provides step by step information to ensure the perfect installation time after time.

It can be downloaded here, together with our complete range of product brochures.

APEA 2016 – forecourt covers on show.

We will again be exhibiting at the APEA 2016 Live show on the 24th November at the MK Stadium, Milton Keynes.

We will be showing our range of Petrol Forecourt covers and giving potential customers the opportunity to view our products first hand.

The covers have an anti-slip surface as well as having seals that make our products watertight.

In addition the covers have a lock which is designed to ensure the cover can never be left unlocked.

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New design engineers join the team.

SSC has have had some change in their design department. We are delighted to announce that two new engineers have joined our team, Adam West and Om Rai who are post graduates.

Adam West is a Northumbria University Graduate, with a 2:1 in Mechanical engineering BEng (Hons).

His final year project was to develop a means test the mechanical properties of Epoxy-Graphene Nanocomposites and the effects of weight ratio within the composition. His final year option was “Digital Design and Analysis” using FEA analysis to develop a new or existing product. He has been involved in manufacturing projects, including a fully functioning Stirling engine, developing an optimised heat sink unit, rolling mill for precious metals and a Pipe heat exchanger.

Om Rai studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Greenwich where he achieved BEng (Hons) in May 2014 with Upper 2.1 and obtained PgDip in Advance Manufacturing Systems in June 2015 from Brunel University.

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