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UU covers_edited-1United Utilities

As part of their continuing improvement program Untied Utilities are constantly looking at new products and methods to improve health and safety for its employees and contractors.

This drive has initiated contact between Sammy Nelson (United Utilities Cover and Frame Manager) and SSC which has led to an extended trialling programme being undertaken, to evaluate the benefits of using composite access covers, in comparison to the traditional ductile or steel and concrete covers currently used.

One of the major benefits is the fact that SSC’s composite covers can be up to 3 times lighter than a ductile cover and even up to 5 times lighter than a steel and concrete cover. In addition they get the other benefits of superior anti-skid surface as well as being lockable, and do not corrode; they also look great in ground.

united utilities logoThe benefits for installation are significant, they are easier to handle and do not require additional handling equipment or specialist equipment.

There is a huge reduction in the risk of back injury for United Utilities inspection teams and installation contractors in that the covers can be moved by one person when installed, using the SSC ergonomically designed lifting tool.

A United Utilities spokesman also commented that the speed of installation has increased and more covers and frames can be accommodated on their vehicles, which is not the case for the traditional covers and frames due to weight issues.

In addition, it allows surveys and inspections to be carried out faster and safer with our lifting equipment and reduced risk to the individual.

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